Woman with Mask covid-19


These are unprecedented times, and they call for proactive measures. Throughout this global crisis our unilateral focus has been the wellbeing, safety, and education of our students. Our commitment to ensuring unhindered learning for our students has been the driving force behind the various initiatives we have rolled out for them in 2020.

We understand that the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 has created a new wave of uncertainty for our students and parents. We are closely monitoring the current situation and following all the guidelines issued by the government. In response to the current situation, we assure you that Azpire Education is committed to ensuring the safety, health, and uncompromised education of all our students.

Below are some of the initiatives introduced in response to the global crisis that hit us last year. Azpire Education will continue to provide the best support to its students and their parents to help them overcome these challenging times.


In this difficult time, we want to reassure you that we understand and care about your education, and economic stability. To enable you to fulfil your dream of a world class creative education with Azpire Education, a flexi-fee payment plan has been introduced:

  • Low initial payment

  • Staggered Payment Plan


Pearl Academy is offering a longer duration easy fee payment EMI plan for the entire academic year, with easy monthly installments and the below advantages:

  • Easy paperless online application with quick approvals.

  • Low upfront deposit payment followed by 12 simple monthly installments 

  • COVID contingency waivers (*).


Students are the center of everything we do at Azpire. Hence, to make sure that our students don’t miss out on their practical lab experience, we are equipping our students with customized kits for them to set up labs or studios in their homes for practical learning.

Practical learning and hands-on experiences are an integral part of our curriculum and can make a world of difference for any student. They need tools and equipment to shape their ideas and breathe life into their imagination.

With COVID-19 leading to the shutdown of campuses along with facilities like studios and labs, the students, especially the freshers, would have been at a loss without a practical understanding of concepts and subjects that are new to them. As a solution to this problem, Azpire  came up with the idea of a very discounted home learning kits.


These home studio kits, developed in consultation with the academic team, vary as per the program and curriculum requirements to include:

  • Laptops/ Desktops

  • Wifi Connectivity

  • Headsets

  • Software stacks

  • Sketching kits

  • Writing pads

  • and many more.

To ensure students don’t compromise on their learning experience even amid the pandemic, Azpire facilitates you with these kits.