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professional Photography Course camera lens



This course has been designed keeping in view all the aspects of this industry across the world.

  • Minimum Eligibility:       Minimum 10th Pass & Above

  • Course Duration:             9 months

  • Skill Sets Developed:  

  • Creativity

  • Technical photography skills

  • Patience and concentration

  • Attention to detail & Observation Skills

  • Strong networking skills

  • Team working skills


You will Learn –


Module I

  • Digital Photography

  • Camera Types, Lenses, Filters, optics, characteristics

  • Range & Exposures, Lenses & Optics, Techniques & Styles

  • Composition & Learning how to see, Lighting Techniques

Module II

  • Depth of Field & Aperture control

  • Action & Motion in Photography

  • Studio Lighting for Portraiture

  • Studio Strobe Lightning Techniques

Module III

  • Post Photography techniques

  • Tones, Contrast, Sharpening & Details

  • Learning to edit the photographs & videos

  • Blending Art & photography

  • Color Management & Printing

After completing this course you will be able to -

  • Master the use of his or her digital camera.

  • Discuss the basic settings and functions of his or her camera so he or she is able to shoot in manual mode.

  • Utilize exposure, lighting and lenses on a camera.

  • Explain the proper composition and how to take the perfect photograph in all conditions.

  • Develop his or her eye to see the world as a photographer.

  • Demonstrate the skills associated with the post-production process.

  • Reproduce different types of portraiture and apply techniques specific to this area of photography.

  • Apply skills that will help him or her to turn good photographs into great ones.

  • Learn how to develop your portfolio.

  • Explore the business of photography.

  • Discover an introduction to marketing and branding.

  • Read a comprehensive guide on how to work with clients.

  • Take the final step into the world of being a professional photographer.