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Abhishek Shelar

Azpire school gave me the basic foundation I much required to build my talent. It is not a school for me but a family as well, here the staff will reach out to you and help you in any possible way possible.
A Creative school for ‘Azpiring Creators’..!!

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Sharwaree Morab

Am glad to be part of Azpire because it helped me to build my career and gave me right path to find myself. today am able to identify my self and i think this institute is best institute for Animation course and in this institute we not only study but we learn how to adjust, sacrifice, help, being together, hard work, etc... which i cant express. Also the faculties are really cool and helpful.... At Last i thank my parents and Azpire for making my dream come true...

Ajay Richariya.jpg

Ajay Richhariya

Azpire is a great place to learn, not only about software and subjects but also of your interests.
Teachers help you in every way they can and every way possible. A great learning place for Animation & VFX

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Riya Dere

The faculties are really good. The coarse not only consists of the basic software knowledge needed but also many activities which help students shape their personality and problem solving ability.

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Sourabh Chavan

 I am really blessed to be part of this academy. Azpire has the best education I ever searched for thank you Azpire School for making me smile and see my future bright in the field of Animation & VFX

Great place to learn. It was a wonderful experience with fabulous tutors. I learnt a lot of new things and meet so many lovely people.

Ingle Vikas Vilas

The teaching here is very excellent. Staff helps to develop and progress in creativity.


I have joined Animation and VFX course. I really love the staff. They are very co-operative and understand the student’s mindset.

Kamlesh K Lohar

I am doing one year VFX course. This is one of the greatest institutes for creative students. Staff support is also very good.

Shubham Shinde

I am doing Graphic Designing course. In my opinion, this is the best place to learn. Management and staff is very co-operative and understanding.

Patil Shivam Gajanan

The environment here is very friendly. We get practice sessions also along with teaching. We got study visits as well as placement requests.

Shruti Joshi

I am doing 1 year VFX course. The staff and management are very co-operative and faculties are excellent. I fully recommend Azpire.

Aniket Ravindra Pitale

I never thought that learning can be fun also. Good communication and relationship building with students. Management is excellent and staff is very co-operative.

Sarika R Vartak

Very Good school to learn something new towards technology. I have been taught all the software very nicely. Thank You.

Charu Bhagwat

And Many More....