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This course has been designed keeping in view all the aspects of this industry across the world.

  • Minimum Eligibility:       Minimum 10th Pass & Above

  • Course Duration:             9 months

  • Skill Sets Developed:  

  • Visualization, Creativity & Imagination

  • Attention for Detail

  • Familiarity with relevant Software

  • Presentation Skills

  • Team Player

  • Patience

  • Drawing Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Ability to Work in Time Bound Fashion

  • Originality and Innovativeness


Visual Effects is a subject every avid film goer feels fascinated with. This field is all about manipulating reality. We teach you the art of combining live action footage with generated imagery to create a separate environment that exists only in the imagination – and would be impossible to recreate in actual conditions.

We teach you the use of multiple tools & techniques in this short course of nine months.

You will Learn –

  • Fundamentals of Film Making & Computer Graphics

  • Audio & Video Editing

  • Basics of Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Motion Graphics

  • Compositing, Rotoscope, Masking

  • 3D render Passes

  • Keying

  • Tracking

  • Particles, Wire / Rig Removal

  • Re-Lighting


Layout Artist

Usually part of the pre-production and pre-visualization process, a layout artist, as the name suggests, lays the foundations for how the visuals will eventually look. Typically, a layout artist is tasked with interpreting the script and storyboard and creating templates for how to transfer the script or storyboard into the visual medium. Everything from scene creation to camera angles and more falls under this remit.


Compositing Artist

Well done visual effects merge seamlessly with the rest of the background, and don’t distract the viewing experience at all. One glitch though, and it can ruin the entire experience for the viewer. A compositor’s job is to ensure that this seamless-ness between VFX and live action is intact, and any visual disturbances are eliminated.


Lighting Artist

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of any film production – live action or animated. A lighting artist is in charge of understanding the behavior of light and its interaction with real world subjects and translating that into the visual effects world. Lighting plays a very important role in visual continuity and even the storytelling process, and a lighting artist has to be able to deliver the perfect amount of illumination to make a scene pop.


Rendering Artist

When it comes to VFX career opportunities in India, rendering artists are in high demand across major VFX studios and production houses. In a similar vein to lighting artists, rendering artists are responsible for turning the 3D models into the real world-esque visuals we see on the screen. A delicate and highly technical job, rendering artists make sure that the project is transformed from an idea to a visual.


Roto Artist

A rotoscoping artist or roto artist has the difficult and imperative task of tracing all those areas of a frame where CG meets real life, in order to provide compositors with a framework from which to begin their work. A job that offers great foundation in VFX, and often a starting point for VFX professionals, there is a great demand for roto artists today.


Matte Painter

You know those beautiful, almost magical tapestries that only VFX films seem to have? A matte painter has a huge hand in their creation. A matte artist takes visual reference cues such as photographs, sketches and other references and turns them into realistic VFX scenes that all the action will take place in.


Match Mover Artist

A match mover is typically an expert in both 2D and 3D as he or she has to work at the confluence of both worlds. An artist that works in CGI, tracking movements is an important part of the match mover’s responsibilities, as in this role, you would be typically responsible for ensuring that the computer-generated graphics integrate properly with the live-action footage, and proportions, movements and more all have a natural, seamless look and feel.

Facilities for Students:

  • Dedicated Student Facilitator for:

    • Career Assistance

    • Admission Process

    • Loan Assistance

    • Accommodation Assistance

    • Peer Communication

    • Induction Process

    • Student Academy (College MIS)

    • Parents MIS – for regular updates and progress tracking

    • Any other help throughout the duration

  • 24/ 7 Online portal for students & parents for better access to course progress, study notes, exam and study calendar, leave application, assignment submission, placement opportunities, etc.

  • Workshops, Guest Lectures, Events, Seminars, Study tours for better involvement and knowledge upgradation.

  • Internal exams and assignments for periodical check on the progress of each student

  • Extra Curricular workshops for successful placements

  • Annual Functions, Felicitation program and Alumni Meets for rewarding the students and for their network and relation building

  • Friendly Atmosphere for creative activities for enhancing imagination, visualization and creativity.

  • Experienced and Expert faculty team to teach and groom every student on individual level.

  • Strong industry connect and association for expert guidance, internships & placements opportunities

  • Focus on every student to develop the creativity and talent every Animator should have.